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Selling Online Services to Small Businesses: A Marketing Guide

Learn how to establish strong relationships with small business owners, build credibility, and ultimately drive growth in this vital market segment

Small businesses employ nearly 50 percent of all U.S. employees, a staggering statistic and one that underscores the importance of this segment to the U.S. economy. But what makes them tick? And what specific marketing strategies can service businesses leverage to access this vibrant market?

NetNation, a leading provider of co-branded and white-label SaaS solutions to small business service providers across North America, is pleased to deliver the Marketing Guide for Selling Online Service to Small Businesses. This comprehensive playbook provides marketers with actionable insights gleaned from our 20+ years’ experience helping brands increase their average revenue and lifetime value per customer in the small business industry. We aim to equip marketers, product management professionals, and businesses that sell online services to small businesses with tried-and-tested concepts that effectively reach small business owners.

Key Takeaways from the Guide:

  • Understand Small Business Journeys: See how knowing where your customer is on their small business development path can lead to significant sales opportunities.
  • Know your Customers’ Goals and Pain Points: Learn how to anticipate your small business customers’ needs and become instantly relevant to them.
  • Why a Focus on Customer Experience Can Be a Key Differentiator: We delve deeply into the importance of service selection, offer timing, and how optimizing the design of your purchase flow can lead to more sales.
  • The Holy Grail that is Messaging: Benefit from the knowledge our team has amassed in crafting effective messaging that drives repeat sales and long-term customer loyalty.
  • Why Effective Onboarding Programs Set You Apart from Your Competitors: Understand the value of human-to-human help and how it leads to repeat purchases.
  • Test, Test, and then Test Again: Learn how to track your progress, measure your success, and celebrate your achievements with tangible, sustainable results.

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