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Helping Big Brands Expand Their Small Business Service Portfolio


NetNation is a leading provider of white-label web service solutions for small business service providers across North America, allowing brands to expand their solutions portfolio, get new products to market faster, and increase their average revenue per customer.

We achieve this through a comprehensive suite of services covering the entire product lifecycle, including solution architecture and deployment, platform management, billing and provisioning integration, technical and customer support, sales and marketing, and product management.

In addition to our white-label web service offerings, we manage a family of retail brands, collectively serving 125,000+ small business end users worldwide.

With main offices in the United States, Canada, and Europe, we employ more than 200 full-time employees across the globe.

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Senior Leadership Team

Get to know our senior leadership team.


John Enright


John is a web service industry pioneer with 25+ years experience building successful web service brands. In 1994, he co-founded one of the first website hosting companies ever, growing it into a top three North American hosting provider before it ultimately merged with Affinity Internet in 2001.

At Affinity, John led product, sales and marketing, developing the most advanced private-labeled web service channel program in the industry. In 2007, Affinity merged with Hostway to form NetNation, where John today leads the charge to transform how web services are delivered.

Stephen Botha

Director, Development & Software Engineering

Stephen Botha is a homegrown NetNation success story. Fresh off earning his Technology degree, Stephen started at NetNation at 25 as a junior technical support representative, learning from the front lines what business customers really want out of web services. In this role, he formed his personal career philosophy: sustained achievement is built one success story at a time. Adhering to this principle over the next 12 years led to his growing to become NetNation’s Head of Development and Product.

As Head of Development and Product, Stephen is responsible for all of NetNation’s software development and integration projects, spearheading the design of cutting-edge, scaled solutions that help partners to thrive in the fast-moving web services industry.

Joshua Valouche

Head of Technical Operations

Joshua jumped at the opportunity to join NetNation 15 years ago to follow his passion of working in technology. As Head of Technical Operations, Joshua enjoys the fast paced nature of the industry and the opportunity everyday to push the boundaries of web services.

As a key leader managing all major migrations and integrations at NetNation since 2004, Joshua takes pride in ensuring all platforms and assets post-migration continue to operate at peak performance.

George Kaloyanov

Head of Global Customer Support

George is a 15-year web service veteran, leading web service support and operations teams across the globe since 2005. Prior to joining NetNation in 2008 to lead our European support operations, he served as support lead at Since 2017, George has led NetNation’s global customer support teams in North America and Europe as Head of Global Customer Support.

George believes the key to great support is a strong focus on customer satisfaction and adherence to structured processes. As global support lead, he is passionate about constantly improving NetNation’s supports’ technical knowledge within the dynamic, fast-changing web service industry.

Martin Anastasov

Sr. Director, Engineering & Product Management

Martin is a web service industry veteran with 15+ years of experience. Before moving to Product Development with NetNation in 2015, Martin worked to build and lead high volume contact center teams in support operations. In Product Development, Martin was responsible for managing multiple teams of software developers, helping with product design and architecture.

In mid-2018, Martin began overseeing Engineering at NetNation. As head of engineering, Martin is responsible for leading all merger and acquisition system integrations. Holding a Master’s degree in Law, Martin has a passion for learning about new products, business models and strategies, and high-tech innovations.


Kate Mullin

Director, Account Management

For 10+ years, Kate has played a key role in building and enabling the success of NetNation’s global partners. As Director, she is actively involved in every aspect of NetNation’s partnerships, constantly working to ensure an optimal experience for not only partners, but their customers as well.

Kate takes pride in being NetNation’s principal resource for partner growth strategy and product evolution, as well as her ability to work on both a macro and micro level to transform partners’ aspirations into a tangible reality.

Emma Cale

Head of Marketing

Emma is a Marketing leader with over 10 years of experience. Prior to joining NetNation in 2021, Emma led Marketing teams in a number of different industries including technology, professional services and manufacturing. A native of Toronto, Emma oversees NetNation’s global brands and the NetNation Marketing team from the Vancouver office.

Emma believes the key to high-impact marketing is a strong focus on customer experience, actively listening to customers and partners, and anticipating their needs. As Head of Marketing, she is committed to constantly improving NetNation’s brand, delivering on our brand promise and fueling our growth.

Our Locations

We have office locations in San Antonio Texas, Chicago Illinois, Vancouver Canada, Newark Delaware and Sofia (BG).

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